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System Requirements

A processor large enough to handle adequately the current and proposed system activity.
We recommend the largest Pentium® or equivalent processor.

Hard Drive
A number of variables determine hard drive size, including the number and type of connections to the computer on which SuperVision resides. We recommend 20 gigabytes as the minimum.

Random Access Memory (RAM)
The memory available will determine the speedof operation, so you should include enough RAM to accommodate current and proposed activity. We recommend a minimum of 128 megabytes for Windows NT® and 256 megabytes for Windows 2000® and Windows XP®.

Color Monitor
SuperVision can display multiple host and history windows, so the monitor should have a screen size and resolution sufficient to accommodate the number of systems to be monitored. We recommend a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

Standard PC keyboard.

SuperVision requires only a two-button mouse or other pointing device.

Operating System
® Windows NT®, Windows XP®, or Windows 2000® (or Windows 98® for SuperVision Lite on a remote PC).

LAN Adapter
Either Token Ring or Ethernet, or a minimum 28.8 kbps modem.

(Optional) Any model of Sound Blaster® card with speakers.

For local coax connectivity, select either the IBM® PCI Adapter or the IBM or AttachmateTM ISA 3270 Emulation Card. Neither is required for remotely connected 3270 sessions.

For local twinax connectivity, we recommend the 5250 WinTwin ISA Adapter by Synapse Communications, Inc. SuperVision provides Secure TN3270
TM and 3215 connectivity via TCP/IP through the IDG 9074® Secure Communications Controller® and other TN3270-compatible control units.

For more information and assistance determining specific system requirements, please contact the SuperVision technical support staff in the USA at 1.918.971.1600.




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