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Corporate Overview 
Secure Data Innovations, AG (SDI)
is a Zurich based, software development company through agreements with manufacturers marketing companies in the United States & Europe. SDI delivers secure business and technology solutions for large data centers worldwide. With years of software development experience, SDI has delivered quality products and solutions for its clients' evolving and complex data center needs.

We are a dynamic, fast-paced company that designs and produces security-driven software for:

  • Enterprise management of computer systems and networks

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Electronic communications and secure document transfer (e-mail and files)

  • E-commerce and website management

Our growth has come from innovation, a high-level of customer service, and a reputation for quality products. Perhaps the most compelling proof of our leadership in the field is the type of customers that currently use our software. All SecureAgent® products incorporate patented and patent-pending technologies providing highly secure communications and remote access to computers. From comprehensive enterprise management software to secure e-mail, Secure Data Innovations provides useful security solutions for any size business in any industry. Secure Data Innovations holds the rights to the patents and patents pending for its products. These are valuable, intangible assets that enable the company to grow from a position of strength to one of market dominance.


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