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SecureAgent DataSafe® will safely backup and store your data utilizing the SecureAgent® technology software layer that protects remote and networked communications with a special combination of patented and patent-pending processes including user authentication, compression and encryption.

SecureAgent DataSafe® for web servers was designed with convenience in mind. You can copy data with one click! Temporary files and system-generated files can be excluded from copy jobs. SecureAgent DataSafe® for Web Servers offers a convenient server list and a simple navigational system similar to MS Windows® Explorer.

SecureAgent DataSafe's user-friendly features enable you to:

  • Maintain security. Securely update data to websites, download information and back up files using
    SecureAgent DataSafe®.

  • Your files remain backed up and encrypted; always available for retrieval.

  • You hold the key (the special password) that assures only you have access to your data.




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